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► Patch-notes - February 07th, 2023

1. Hero and Equipment

New Hero 

  • Hero 'Huntress Rosetta' has been added.
    •   Party effect : At 5-star maximum Awakening, [Party] Normal Atk Damage +70%
    •   Huntress Rosetta's voice has been added.
  • Huntress Rosetta's exclusive weapon Ratel ★★★★★ has been added.

Voice Addition and Improvement

  • Japanese voice added for the following Heroes:
    •   Mk.2

※Only when setting the voice in Japanese.

  • The irregularity of some Japanese voices production in World 4 will be corrected. 

※Only when setting the voice in Japanese.

■ Illustration Style  

  • Changeable illustration has been added.
    •   Mk.2

2. Summon and Pick-up Event

  • Hero Pick-up Event
    •   Event time: February 07 ~ February 21, 13:00:00 (14 days, UTC+8)
    •   Pick-up Hero 1: ★★★ Huntress Rosetta
    •   Pick-up Hero 2: ★★★ Executive Red Hood Arabelle
    •   Pick-up Hero 3: ★★★ No.9 Miss Chrom
    •   Pick-up Hero 4: ★★★ Warlord Mercenary Orca
  • Equipment Pick-up Event
    •   Event time: February 07 ~ February 21, 13:00:00 (14 days, UTC+8)
    •   Pick-up Equipment 1: ★★★★★ Ratel
    •   Pick-up Equipment 2: ★★★★★ Genocide
    •   Pick-up Equipment 3: ★★★★★ Black Mamba
    •   Pick-up Equipment 4: ★★★★★ Nemesis

3. Roadmap Event

  • Roadmap event is in progress. "Huntress of the Wild"
    •   Event time: February 07 ~ February 21, 12:59:59 (14 days, UTC+8)
    •   Reward Receivable Period: February 28, 12:59:59 (UTC+8)

4. Boost Event

  • With 'Boost Event' you can obtain twice the rewards in certain game modes while the event is ongoing.
    •  In this update, Resource Dungeon and Evolution Dungeon content Event boost is applied.
    •  Event time: February 07 ~ February 21, 12:59:59 (UTC+8)

5. Season Achievement

  • After MA on February 7 (Tue), 14 additional missions of season achievements are opened.

6. CO-OP Mode

  • The CO-OP mode has been changed.
  • The new season of CO-OP(Def) mode has started.


  • 1 new loot has been added.
  • 22 current Loots have been rollbacked.
  • 2 current Loots have been removed.
    •   [Mid] Band Aid
    •   [High] Bandage Given as a Gift
  • The ability of 7 current loots has been changed.
    •   [Mid] Blue's Helmet
    •   [Mid] Red's Helmet
    •   [Mid] Green's Helmet 
    •   [Mid] Light Rapier 
    •   [Mid] Villain's Glass Cup
    •   [Mid] Band Aid
    •   [Special] Captivating Button 
  • The highest difficulty "Champion" tier is added to Co-op (Defense).
  • Complete Challenger Tier challenge 8 times in order to enter the Champion Tier.
  • Champion tier cannot use Quick Matching and can only be accessed by entering a code or inviting a friend.
  • The Champion tier has no rewards.

■ The highest tier limited cursed loot has been added.

  • The progression of Champion tier stages is the same as lower tier stages, but at the end of each wave, you can pick cursed loot in addition to normal loot.
  • 16 cursed loot items that only appear in the champion tier stage will be added.
  • While the current normal loot provides options to help clear, the cursed loot provides options that hinder clearing.
  • Cursed loot always appears in bundles with normal loot.
  • At the end of each wave, you can proceed through the stage by selecting 1 of 3 randomly presented bundles.

7. Guild Raid

  • [Season 48] Guild raid "Dead Man's Ship"
    •  New banner, background image is added.
    •  Global schedule: February 9 ~ February 15, 23:59:59
    •  Boss List: Nine-tailed Fox Garam (Light), Viper Clan Leader (Dark), Goblin Chief (Fire), Snowman General (Water)

8. Guild Meteor Excavation

  • Meteor Excavation
  • A New season of Meteor Excavation has started.
  • Season time: February 16, 00:00:00 ~ February 22, 23:59:59

9. Farm

Farm Villager

  • 'Little Beth' is added. 
    •   'Season Achievements Trophy : S2' When creating objects, 'Little Beth' settles on the farm. 


  • Mysterious Pot has been updated so it's impossible to make additional Baits once there are more than 1,000 pieces of Bait.

10. Knowledge

  • A new collection of equipment is added.
    • I told you I'd see you around, kid

11. Super Costume

  • Flower Cheerleader Mayreel costume is added to Merch Forge and shop.

12. Shop - Costume

  • Hero costume
    •   Bathing Rosetta
    •   Mecha Archer
    •   Mk.99-Strider
    •   Oghma Mk-Raiden
    •   Lynn MK-Agile
    •   Plitvice MK-Athena
    •   Beth MK-Satan
    •   Oghma MK-White
    •   Charismatic Boss Beth
    •   Battle Maid Arabelle
    •   Elegant Lady Lavi
    •   Little Witch
    •   SWAT Miss Chrom
    •   Beach Cheerleader Sohee
    •   Cute Berserker Amy
    •   Blue Knight (F)
  • Equipment costume
    •   G1 Rifle
    •   Humongous Rifle
    •   Flame Mecha Rifle
    •   Ultra High-Temp Mecha Rifle
    •   Mecha Lightning Rapier
    •   Mecha Fire Blade
    •   Toy Crossbow
    •   Tombstone Shield

13. Shop - Package

1. Limited time package

  • Sale period : February 7 ~ February 21, 13:00:00 (UTC+8)

1) Welcome 2023 Package #1

  • 4 times per account
  • Summon Controller x15


  •   Legend Limit Breaking Hammer x1 
  •   Legendary Awakening Stone x25

2) Welcome 2023 Package #2

  • 2 times per account
  • Summon Controller x35


  •   Hero Crystals x50
  •   Option Change Stone x15
  •   Option Lock Stone x30

3) Welcome 2023 Package #3

  • 1 time per account
  • Paid Gem x5,000 , Summon Controller x60


  •   Epic Limit Breaking Hammer x1
  •   Summon Controller x40

4) Limited Time Gem Package

  • 8 times per account
  • Paid Gem x4,500 , Awakening Dungeon Box x5

5) Limited Time Stamina Package

  • 4 times per account
  • Stamina x1,000

2. Hero Growth Package
1) Unique Hero Growth Package (Huntress Rosetta)

  • 2 times per account
  •  Evolution Stone x400 , Legendary Awakening Stone x20 , Hero Crystals x100 , Option Change Stone x10 , Option Lock Stone x20 

3. World Clear Pass #3
■ Sale period 

  • February 7 ~ always on sale

■ Details 

  • Part 3 of World Clear Pass (World 11 ~ World 15) is added
    •   You can see the World Clear Pass banner at the top left of the Heavenhold lobby.
    •   A red dot is displayed on the banner if there are available rewards.
  • You can get more rewards by upgrading the World Clear Pass.
  • World Clear Pass consists of several parts.
    •   New part consists of 5 worlds.

14. Guardian Pass

  • Guardian Pass 2023 Season 2
    •   Season time: February 7 ~ March 6, 23:59:59
    •   Main reward: Yuze's Exclusive Equipment Tartaros ★★★★

15. Card Sort Improvement

  • Type Atk filter is added.
  • If you select Type Atk, you can see all six types of Atk Increase cards.

16. Team Death Match Beta network Improvement

  • The issue in which heroes' movements were abnormally expressed in certain situations is corrected.

17. Other Error Corrections and Improvements

  • Fixed the issue where the appearances of some monsters in the level 20 Light type Evolution Stone dungeon did not match their type.
  • Fixed the issue where the color is displayed behind the New Year's Rabbit Bell name at the farm Crafting Station.
  • Fixed the issue where the circular UI was not displayed around the main character NPC when visiting a friend's farm.
  • A maximum of five villagers will be exposed when a friend visits the farm.
  • The Season Achievement Trophy displayed at the farm Crafting Station: The image of Season 1 is changed to face the front.
  • Fixed the issue when you cannot enter the Friendly match waiting room intermittently once accepting a friendly match invitation.
  • Fixed the issue where the sound effects and background sounds kept repeating when selecting Re-challenge after entering the Expedition stage.
  • Short Story: Fixed the issue where specific Cave Chill Mushroom in The Travels of Ice Mountain was positioned higher than the player character
  • Side Story: After World Inc. stage 1, Fixed the issue where the quest marker was not located at the entrance inside the building during the main quest in progress.
  • Side Story: After World Inc. stage 2, Fixed the issue where NPC rolled different drums during the Soul Imprisoned SNS quest in progress.
  • Side Story: After World Inc. stage 2, Fixed the issue where if you threw a box at an object while moving it, the box would float in the air.
  • Side Story: After World Inc. stage 2, Fixed the issue where specific conveyors move in different directions and objects move in different directions.
  • Side Story: After World Inc. stage 4, Fixed the issue where one expression with eyes closed would move separately from the face in the starting animation.
  • Side Story: After World Inc. stage 4, Fixed the issue where monster HP UI would not be exposed during battle under specific circumstances.

18. App icon

  • The app icon is changed.