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Greetings Guardians,

The Expedition content announced in our roadmap is arriving soon!

Stay tuned for the newest PvE content 'Expedition' coming with July 12th maintenance and read on below for the preview of the content!

✶ Please keep in mind the following may use placeholder terminology and the content names, details, and images can be changed with the actual update.

◆ Expedition

  • The new "Expedition" PvE content will be added.

  • You can expect to embark on an exciting new expedition in this PvE content.

  • You can now obtain a new equipment called a "Relic", and enhance it.

  • You can utilize a 'party-switching' system in which you can switch out your party in real time during combat.

※ Farm content can be accessed only after completing 'Trial of the Chosen One' quest in World 13 Lilith Tower.

※ Farm can be accessed through the Exploration Forge located in Heavenhold. Exploration Forge unlocks after you reach Guardian Level 100.

■ Regions and Districts

  • The Expedition World is made up of multiple regions, and each region is structured into many districts.

  • Each region and district opens up in order as you progress.

※ Region 1 will be released first for this update, and will be themed as "The Chosen One" region. The other regions will eventually be released as well.



■ Combat

  • You need to fight against a wave of monsters that appear for a limited amount of time.

  • There are different conditions for clearing each stage:

Stage Type

What to do

Normal Stage

Defeat all the monsters or survive until the stage ends.

Boss Stage

Defeat the boss within the time limit.

※ You cannot use Team Combination Skills in Expedition battles.

■ Party Switching

  • You can "Party Switch" by pressing a button once the Party Switch gauge is filled.

  • The Party Switch gauge fills up automatically, and it also fills up when you defeat a monster.

    • In a Boss Stage, the gauge also fills up when you obtain special objects that appear on the field.

  • Party members who are standing by will recover HP each time a certain amount of time passes by.

  • You can charge up to 2 Party Switches.


Points, Multipliers, and Rewards

  • Your points are determined by how you performed in combat during the stage. The higher the points, the better the rewards.

  • If you obtain a multiplier item dropped from a monster, points will be multiplied.

  • You can get even more multiplier items by completing events or handling gimmicks during combat.

  • You can perform a 'Sweep'  based on the highest points you obtained for the day.

  • The points you obtained from the stages are reflected on the Total Score.

  • If you get more points than the maximum points obtainable in a stage, then the excess of points are reflected onto the Ranking Board, but not onto the Total Score.

  • Rankings for the stages are determined by the highest scores obtained from the stage.


■ Candidate Rank

  • You can get an Advancement by getting a certain Total Score and through completing goals.

  • You can increase your Total Score by clearing stages or by obtaining Collectibles.

  • When you meet all the conditions for an Advancement, you can proceed by tapping on the Advancement button that appears on the bottom of the small memo on the right side of the screen.

  • Once you've reached the required Candidate rank, you can move on to the next district.


■ Guardian Note

  • This is where you can check your overall Expedition progress and some details of each district.

  • You can also obtain rewards for District Points here.

  • Your collections and records can be viewed from here as well.


■ Relics

  • It's a new gear you can get from Expedition combat.

  • Relics can be equipped onto a new gear slot.

  • Relics have basic stats, secondary stats, and set stats.

Stat Type


Basic Stats

Stats that the relics originally have.

Secondary Stats

Stats obtained through a Blacksmith's "Grant" feature.

Set Stats

Stats which are activated when all four characters within a party equip the same type of relic.

※ Does not apply in Arena, Master Arena, or CO-OP.

  • Four types of Relics will be added.

Relic Name

Set Effect

Sacred Vow

Atk increase

Eternal Bond

Crit Hit Chance increase

Guidance of Truth

Def increase

Sound of Solemnity

HP increase

■ Resistance

  • Equipping a relic will increase the character's Resistance.

  • The Resistance of all characters entering the stage will be tallied up to determine the Expedition's Resistance.

  • If your Resistance is lower than the amount required by the Expedition stage, then your party's stats will decrease.

■ Forge

  • You can use the Forge once you build it at the Farm.

  • You can enhance relics at the Forge.

  •  The Forge provides three features: Imbue, Inherit, and Dismantle


  1. Imbue

  • You can use the Mystic Powder to imbue secondary stats onto a relic.

    • You can get mystic powders from the Farm.


  1. Inherit

  • A relic can inherit the secondary stats of a relic used as a material by using the Relic Inherit Stone.

  • Relics used as materials will disappear.

  • Relics can only inherit stats from the same type of relic. The relic being used as a material must be either the same or lower in rarity compared to the relic inheriting the stats.

  • The Resistance will also be inherited. The inherited Resistance is converted to match the rarity of the relic inheriting the stats.


  1. Dismantle

  • You can get Hearthstone by dismantling relics.

  • The amount of Hearthstone you get will depend on the rarity of the relic being dismantled.

  • The Hearthstones can be used in Shop.

  • Dismantled relics will disappear.


■ Unexplored Regions

  • This is a bonus stage you enter using the Map Piece.

  • You can get more rewards than from other stages.

  • You can obtain the Map Piece by clearing an Expedition stage.


Option Stat Change

  • The "Weapon Skill Regen Speed Reduction upon enemy kill" effect will be decreased by 70% in the Expedition.


We hope you have a wonderful expedition!